The Ready Power Difference

When you lose power, your livelihood and the lives of those you care for may be in jeopardy.  Medical conditions and home security can quickly become critical issues during even short power outages.  Refrigerated goods, both large and small, can be lost in hours.  And the people responsible for bringing our community back need a home to turn to after their daily duties end.  Ready Power can help protect you, your home, your loved ones and the lives that you have worked to build.  We offer complete solutions to protect you when the electricity goes out.  Whether it’s a short outage overnight or a week-long catastrophe, we have solutions to ensure that your needs are met.

A standby generator system for your home or business is a critical life, time and money saving investment.  However, it represents a powerful machine that keeps your life going smoothly during utility power outages.  The critical nature of a generator system demands a safe, comprehensive and correct installation.  Ready Power can provide that for you.


Ready Power performs all aspects of the generator installation.  We begin with our direct relationship to multiple generators manufacturers and buy your Made-In-America generator direct from the manufacturer.  We fabricate a specialized stand to protect and elevate your generator in our custom fabrication shop and deploy our own crew to pour a designed and rebar reinforced concrete slab to support your new investment.  Our electrician and gas-fitter teams are then sent to integrate your back-up power into your home or business.  And finally, we close the project with inspections from numerous departments in the parish to ensure that we didn’t miss a thing and that your installation is top-notch.  At the completion of the project, we’ll personally walk you through your machine to ensure you are comfortable with its features and protections.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Ready Power has a manufacturer-trained network of service technicians to perform both regular maintenance and any service or warranty work that may arise throughout the life of the generator.  Additionally, we are credentialed by the LA State Police for Early Access to the River Parishes to address any issues that may arise during a power outage.   Whatever stage of the back-up power process you are in, we offer solutions to protect you and ensure you’ll be able to rely on your generator system.  We want to be your partner in back-up power and we know you’ll want to be ours.  Give us a call and learn how to protect your hard earned livelihood today.

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