COVID Statement

Everyone’s Heath And Safety Is Number One.

The Safety of our customers and team members is paramount during the current environment and as “stay at home” and similar restrictions are lifted. Ready Power USA, will continually monitor suggested safety measures and may change procedures as needed to safeguard the health our staff and customers. Below are the guidelines to help us all achieve this goal together.

At Ready Power USA, we take the health and safety of every customer incredibly seriously. Where safe and appropriate, our team members will wear facial coverings and other protective equipment to the maximum extent possible – particularly when interacting with customers or while in their home.  Our staff will also minimize any unnecessary contact between themselves, their crew members, and customers. Each team member is to confirm their health status before going to any customer’s home or job site. We have provided further details and resources below.

Ready Power Jobsite Safety Protocol:

  • Inside and Outside Contact Protocols
    • If working outside the customer’s home, the Ready Power employee should wear appropriate PPE for the category and any additional facial covering if coming in close contact with the customer as prescribed by current local and state social distance
    • If entering the home, the Ready Power employee must wear facial coverings, and boot covers in addition to OSHA prescribed PPE when safe to do so and must maintain social distancing with the
  • After ringing the doorbell or knocking, our team members will step back to observe social distancing practices (~6 feet). Based on the current environment, we may ask the customer to step outside for the initial discussion.
  • As much as possible we will avoid physical contact with the customer and practice social distancing.
  • If the project is outside, we will enter the home only if doing so is required to complete the project. If the project is inside the home, we conduct the initial conversation outside, then if possible find 1 entry point and then use that consistently to avoid exposure to multiple areas of the
  • Please let your Ready Power team member know if anyone in the home has symptoms of the virus or has come into contact with anyone who has tested positive in the last 14 days.

Helpful Resource Links
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