Backup Generator FAQs

We Play By the Rules.

Every parish and county has different rules and requirements that govern the size and placement of standby generators. In addition, there are state and federal regulations that must be adhered to. Finally, generator manufacturers specify installation requirements in order to honor their product warranties.

All of these rules can get a little confusing, so we’ve put together an FAQ and included links to parish websites and major generator manufacturers for more.

Got a question you don’t see the answer to? Get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.​

Do I need permits and inspections?

Yes. All parishes and towns require a variety of permits to be filed by licensed contractors. Approved officials must inspect after the installation is complete. Permits and inspections are essential to having a safe generator install. Please confirm that all contractors are licensed for the type of work they are performing and in the parish or municipality where they’re working.

Where can I put my generator?
We install generators in a variety of environments. We are experts at finding the best, safest, proper location for your home or business. There are legal requirements that have to take into consideration. Each county or parish has different requirements for distance from property lines. All require the unit to be a given distance from windows, doors, intakes, combustible, and noncombustible materials. Different types of generators that have very different rules for placement — even in the same county or parish. As a general rule, the generator needs a well-ventilated, safe, and open area; this provides the unit the space it needs to operate safely and as designed. Technicians need to be able to access the generator for service for the life of the unit. We assist with determining the best location for your home or business and offer multiple options for you to consider.
What size generator do I need?
The size of the generator you need depends on what systems or appliances you want to run while on backup power. It’s important to know what you want to run simultaneously. Online calculators are available to make sizing recommendations, but we strongly recommend that you discuss any sizes with us before making a purchase. A unit that is too small or doesn’t correctly incorporate load management will likely not work when you need it most.
Can my cousin install my generator?
Probably not a good idea. Generators are complicated machines that require coordinated work from multiple trades. Installs are subject to numerous codes and ordinances. While you can perform some portions of the work related to a generator installation, you are required by law to have licensed contractors handle parts of the setup. Additionally, working with licensed contractors protects you in case of a warranty claim or other insurance loss.
How long does my installation take?
Ready Power specializes in the One-Day Install! We pride ourselves on our efficiency, and we value your time. We want to limit the impact on your lives as much as possible. While there may be instances where Residential Projects take more than one-day, we discuss the project timeline with you in advance.
Our Commercial Projects vary in length for the Construction portion. We will discuss project durations in advance to best coordinate this necessary improvement into your schedule.
How long does the total project take?
We pride ourselves on the One-Day Install, and our 3-week project completion is fast. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, specialty permitting notwithstanding, we can complete the project within 3-weeks of receipt of your deposit. Complete installation and reliable backup power for your family and business.
What is Load Management? Is it necessary?
Load Management enables us to size your generator to offer the best value for your installation. Load Management connects the generator to specific large appliances loads in your house to prevent overloading the system and nuisance shutdowns. Load Management can ensure that two air condensers don’t start simultaneously or that a hot tub doesn’t run at all on generator power. We can custom build a generator system for you with Load Management to best suits your needs.
Do I have to elevate my generator?
As with everything in Southern Louisiana, generators are required to meet Base Flood Elevation. Certain Towns and Parishes have exceptions to this rule and only require generators to be elevated to the finish floor of structures., Evaluated on a case-by-case basis, we can assist you in determining the requirements that apply to your situation.To elevate your generator we custom fabricate aluminum stands in-house. We secure these stands to concrete slabs, or we can anchor them into the ground. Whatever the circumstance, we are sure to provide a sturdy and level foundation for your backup power.
What other work can Ready Power do?
Ready Power is a turn-key generator company providing complete service after the sale offerings. This includes maintenance, service and warranty work on your generator. We also provide and maintain Monitoring systems to communicate your generators status to us at all times. We are licensed electricians. The next time you need an electrician, please call us.