One of the most important steps to take while living in an area with high risk of a storm (hurricane, tornado, tropical storms) is to PREPARE.
Being ready for a severe storm or tornado at any time saves yourself the stress of figuring out a game plan or response in the midst of a natural disaster.

Severe Storm Checklist hurricane generator
Ready Power put together this Severe Storm Prep Checklist so you and your loved ones can have peace of mind knowing you’ve prepared for a severe storm, hurricane, or tornado.


1. Severe Storm Emergency Kit

This emergency kit will be filled with items that can help you and your family stay healthy and safe during a disaster.

You can put this kit together over time by grabbing one item every time you go to the grocery store- or buy it all at once if you are closer to hurricane season.

☐ Non- perishable food items- During a severe storm, we suggest being picky about what you keep in the fridge. Your generator will keep the fridge going, but won’t have the same amount of power and longevity as it does when the electricity is on. Ex: Canned fruit, canned vegetables, spam, rice, etc

Manual can opener

Water- Get a gallon every time you go to the grocery store. You’ll need at least one gallon a day for drinking and cleanliness.

Hand-crank or battery-powered weather radio and extra batteries.


First Aid Kit

☐ Portable charger for everyone’s mobile phone

☐ Cash

☐ Card games, crossword puzzles, books, anything to keep you occupied

Garbage bags/buckets and toilet paper for personal sanitation

☐ Wrench & pliers- to turn off utilities

2. Evacuation Plan

Storms are unpredictable and can be dangerous while moving in groups. In many instances families and pets can get separated if there is not a premeditated plan of evacuation. Here’s what we suggest: Keep this plan in a binder in a safe place in your home.

☐ Decide where you will take shelter and KNOW how to get there. You won’t want to waste phone battery on navigation.

☐ Print out a map and create a route of evacuation from your home or business to your decided shelter.

Make a plan of communication during the storm. 

☐ Contact list with emergency numbers and people you want to know are ok. (Include phone number, name, possibly email)

3. Park your vehicles and outdoor equipment in a safe area

4. Clean up any debris or loose items outside your home or business


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