It’s no surprise to find out that residential standby generators hit record-breaking sales in 2020. Brands like Generac reported a 12.7% growth in revenue in residential generators last year. It’s safe to assume, after the power outages that happened at the beginning of this year across the U.S., along with the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, people want to feel safe. Looking into an automatic standby generator is a step in the right direction to providing your household with a sense of comfort.

It’s important to note, an automatic standby generator is an investment. Like any big investment, it’s important to have easy-to-find, concrete answers to your questions. Our team takes backup power very seriously and wants to provide the proper insight into the basics of knowing what an automatic standby generator is.

What Is An Automatic Standby Generator?
An automatic standby generator provides your home or business with reliable power during a power outage. These generators are permanently installed on the outside of the home or business enclosed in a weatherproof case. Every generator varies in size depending on every home or business owner’s usage and preference.

Automatic standby generator’s power derives from their own independent fuel, either natural gas or propane. Unlike traditional portable generators that thrive on gasoline. An automatic standby generator saves you trips to the gas station for a refill.

Who Should Have A Standby Generator?
It would be ideal for a home or business to have a standby generator if they are located in an area where natural weather-related disasters are likely to occur. More than likely if you are located along the Atlantic coast or along the Gulf of Mexico chances are you probably experienced irregular weather patterns that bring forth sporadic power outages at least once in your lifetime. For some people living in these locations, one unpredictable power outage is one too many.

If a member of your household is a special needs family member, ensuring their medical equipment is operating during a power outage can prevent life-threatening situations. When a power failure occurs, an automatic standby generator turns on in a matter of seconds providing you and your home with backup support.

When it comes to owning your own business, it’s important to protect your assets. During a power failure, there is comfort for business owners who have had a professional install of an automatic standby generator. Knowing day-to-day operations can continue gives you and your business an opportunity to shine bright in your community.

Is A Standby Generator Difficult To Install?
An automatic standby generator installation is meant to be taken very seriously. There are many factors that are to be considered prior to a professional installation. Don’t be alarmed, Ready Power provides a customer-centric experience with every installation. We act as the liaison between you and local government ordinances. We’ll expedite the process of city/parish codes, regulations, permitting, and installation for you.

In the end, having a professional installation of an automatic standby generator is well worth it. A professional and “legal” installation of an automatic standby generator can actually increase your home’s resale value. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost Vs. Value Report, in 2017, homeowner’s with permanent backup power generators received roughly 54% of their investment back from their resale value.

Ready Power
Ready Power is proud to be a Generac Power Pro Dealer. Generac is one of the most trusted automatic standby generators on the market. While providing home and business owners with high-quality Generac generators, Ready Power has over a decade of experience professionally installing other name brand generators and providing regular maintenance to generator owners all along the gulf coast.