Purchasing and installing an automatic standby generator for your home or business is a big investment. Like any big investment, it’s important to keep your generator well taken care of. As tempting as it may be to relax after purchasing a home standby generator, it is imperative that you are part of a maintenance membership program within the first month of installation.

When looking into a maintenance plan for your automatic standby generator, don’t just join any maintenance program, choose a maintenance program that leaves a lasting impression and offers exceptional support for you 24/7. Having the right maintenance support is extremely important to be aware of if you’re in the market for a home or business standby generator. With a maintenance membership, you can ensure that your generator will run longer, be more efficient, and save you money in the long run.


1.Your Generator Will Run Longer

With a membership, your automatic standby generator will be scheduled for regular maintenance check-ups. Each visit will consist of running your generator and performing frequent tests. 

With the help of a technician, running your generator will allow the lubricating oil to heat up to the appropriate temperature. This will help the oil to circulate within the engine. It’s crucial that both of these activities within your standby generator occur regularly so that it can continue to operate normally and run longer during predictable or unpredictable power outages. 

Like a brand new car, it’s not ideal to purchase one and leave it sitting in your garage for months on end. You know the importance of adhering to regular oil changes, brake checks, tire rotations, ect. The same idea applies to your automatic standby generator. A maintenance membership with Ready Power takes care of your generator upkeep.


2.A Maintenance Membership Increases Your Generator’s Efficiency

You might be wondering now, what a “check-up” consists of. The point of these check-ups is to spot potential risks early on which will improve your generator’s efficiency. With a maintenance membership, you can expect regularly scheduled tests and diagnostics on your automatic standby generator. 

With a maintenance membership, your generator will be given regular treatment to ensure nothing is damaged. For people in rural areas, it’s possible that your automatic generator will attract mice, birds, or even snakes. Small critters are known to make nests and chew through wires causing serious damage to your investment. 

In the event that a part goes out or there is damage caused by severe weather or wildlife, our site specialist will order, deliver, and replace the appropriate parts for you. Ensuring that your backup power supply is in tip-top condition can help your automatic standby generators fulfill its lifespan of 15+ years. Providing the right care to your generator can bring you peace of mind at the moment when your main power supply fails and your generator kicks on. 


3.Regular Maintenance Will Save You Money

At Ready Power, we provide a variety of maintenance memberships specific to different budgets. When customers sign up for regular maintenance service, Ready Power ensures that each customer always remains informed about the status of their generator. This includes knowing if your generator remains covered by its manufacturer’s warranty. 

Without regular upkeep to your automatic standby generator, repair costs could spiral out of control. Consider it to be like your annual doctor’s check-up. Individuals can feel fine but that doesn’t necessarily mean that problems aren’t present. People can go a long period of time before noticing a single symptom. When symptoms start to appear, before you know it medications and doctor bills instantly add up.

The same applies to maintaining your generator. Without proper care, parts and costs can easily burn a hole through your wallet creating unnecessary stress. Without regular check-ups, your generator is then at risk of not performing efficiently when you need it most.


Ready Power

If you are not part of a maintenance plan then it is your responsibility to know the status of your generator and it’s condition. Proper maintenance will need to be performed regularly in order to maintain your generator efficiency. Without proper maintenance, it’s possible for you to not realize the poor condition of your automatic standby generator until the days leading up to an expected hurricane or tropical storm. 

A maintenance membership with Ready Power is a customer-centric relationship, built on trust, consistency, and transparency. Not only do our technicians perform a complete diagnosis of your automatic generator, but we also provide Storm Response Support to our maintenance customers. In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm, Ready Power offers extended generator support to our valued membership customers. 

If you have an automatic standby generator and are considering a maintenance membership, give Ready Power a call. We are fully committed to providing a long-lasting and trustworthy experience for every home or business owner. Our programs are designed to let you sleep assured, knowing your generator is ready for action. For more details about our membership program click here, or give us a call today.